Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Optometrist Display

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She's making a fashion statement, or a number of them. Can you read her dress? If so, you don't need what she's selling. This optometrist's window display in the Queen Anne neighborhood was so appealing, I couldn't pass it up without taking a shot. Dedicated to my dear friend since 2nd grade, Suzanne, a way cool optometrist.


Anonymous said...

That is a nice idea and clever too. Yes, I could read some of the letters on her dress with my reading glasses on. You must have used either a fast lens or a tripod to get the letters to come out without blurred edges.

kris said...

Nice and sharp shot!
oh yes, where can I buy that dress? ;)

Kim said...

Thanks very much Abe and Kris! This was shot freehand and since it was late in the day with reduced light, not at fast speed, either, so I lucked out with the steady hand and IS in the lens, I guess.

Z said...

Don't optometrists always have neat displays? I remember that about the ones in the US. I wonder why that is? They're cool here as well, but then, most of the displays here are in general.

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Tomate Farcie said...

That is a GREAT advertisement!! I love it! Glad you took the time to shoot it for us :)