Sunday, May 27, 2007


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A painted mural on the north face of a Western Ave. building of a killer whale leaping. Recently an orca had disappeared from the T pod and researchers were worried for her fate. Rightfully so, as her severed dorsal fin was found a couple days ago and she is presumed killed, probably by an unfortunate collision with a ship. When people are out in boats on the Puget Sound they know to keep a healthy distance when observing the pods, and that distance will now become a law, as I understand it. But even so the whales will approach boats and swim under and very near them, which is thrilling for the boaters, but probably not all that safe for them or the pod members.
I love the proportions of this building and all the giant ducts it has.


Dsole said...

I know what you mean! it must have a huge air-refreshing system!!
The painting is beautiful

Martel said...

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Good Day
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Puja Parakh said...

i saw this mural over the weekend... i work nearby

Kim said...

Dsole, Yes, and I wonder what for. I'll have to pay more attention to the building the next time I go by (I shot this while sitting at a light). Always so nice to hear from you whenever you drop by SDP!

Martel, Nice to hear what's posted today on your city's blog! I hope you are enjoying your adventures in City Daily Photo photography. I'm trying to think of odd street names here. . .a lot of street names were changed at some point to numbered streets, but there is still signage in the sidewalks for the old names. I will have to look for some incongruous names while I'm out walking.

Puja, Do you know if it is new? The one like it off Denny I've seen for years, but just noticed this one, and I go down this street a lot. . .absent mindedly most of the time it seems if I've been missing this all along. It's nice to have you drop by SDP. I'm a big fan of your photography!