Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Twenty In Three Hours?

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The "happy hour" at Twist bar on 2nd Ave. in Belltown is apparently 3 hours long. So, if you can get 20 Heineken beers for two dollars a piece during "happy hour," does that mean you have to drink them all within the 3 hours? ;^) Seattlites love their brews, but unless your whole posse is with you, I don't think this offer is one many can take advantage of.


Anonymous said...

Whoever she is, she is dressed for everything, and that includes changing the sign. A refreshing shot. I drink 12 beers each year. Or I try to.

Sally said...

I reckon there's be a few people who could get thru 20 light beers in 3 hours, but not to be recommended! I like the definition of the "hour" !

GE said...

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