Sunday, May 20, 2007

What Remains

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You may remember a photo from last month of a 1927 apartment building, across the street from the famous viewpoint at Kerry Park. The vintage building was going to be razed to make way for a contemporary multi unit structure (click here to view). The recycling team has demolished the building, salvaging all the windows, and most of the brick and the terracotta period ornaments and fixtures. This was all that was left on my recent visit to the site--just an entry to nowhere. . . only this staircase and doorway remained. See my Flickr page for more photos.


queltica said...

That's so sad - I loved that building! It was one of the few charming apartment buildings in this city with not a lot of historic urban architecture.

Anonymous said...

I am glad to read they are recycling the glass and the brick. Used brick bring a pretty penny here and I suppose there too.

I clicked the links too.

Kim said...

Queltica, There are still many, many apartment buildings around town of this vintage. Not so well kept up perhaps and not with the same view. Its always sad when something passes, isn't it. I wonder what will take its place.

Abraham, Salvaged materials are big bucks here on the west coast as well, but usually more affordable than good quality reproductions, so worth the looking and planning. I love poking around in salvage yards and shops. There is an amazing amount of wonderful, useable, well made old stuff people can use in their current building projects. Thanks so much for looking. I am losing readers lately due to template problems with Blogger. . .the background wrapper keeps disappearing for no reason, and my sidebar elements all shifted to the bottom. My other blog with the same template is now similarly affected. Thanks for reading, although its hard to do lately!

cobrien said...

I'm not sure where else I can post a message to you. I love the photo though. I've gone through all of your archives and fall in love with this wonderful city each post! I want to do a story on you for the radio station I work for. It would be wonderful to profile your blog and your work. Contact me at We can swap other information from there. Hope to hear from you!

Geologychick said...

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