Thursday, June 14, 2007


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A bit of whimsy is pretty much the norm in the Fremont district (self proclaimed "Center of the Universe"). This neon representation of the fairytale heroine Rapunzel is cleverly placed on the west tower of the Fremont bridge (a low draw bridge that is the busiest in the western US). I notice that if one is looking at her, one's face is also looking straight into one of the bridge's video monitors. On the East tower there is a neon depiction of an elephant struggling with an alligator, I think maybe from the Elephant Child story. Whoever thought to add these neon touches to the old bridge lookouts had a clever idea!


Jose said...

very cool blog. i realy like it.


Abraham Lincoln said...

Big brother is watching! I wonder what the excuse is? Terrorism? Probably.

I enjoyed your blog this morning.

If you have not seen a big ant then it might be worth seeing my post this morning.
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lv2scpbk said...

That is a neat idea.

Meg in Nelson said...

This is fantastic. And it's such a simple idea, too!