Monday, June 18, 2007

View At the Corner

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A Belltown wait staff person taking a break, chatting on a cell phone, while a pedestrian across the street does the same. In the distance are the hills of West Seattle across Elliott Bay, a lovely view. Seems whenever we get a break in work, are walking or driving, we begin chatting via cell phone as if we can't be alone with ourselves. I'm wondering if we ever take moments to be idle, to see, to think, to breathe.


Aigars Bruvelis said...

Thats good narrative. Thanks. Made me engage my brain:):)

Sally said...

I saw the actor Ian McKellen interviewed the other day. He said that once upon a time he used to walk through London "talking" to himself - ie reciting the lines he was learning and people would look at him as if he was mad. But now when he does the same, no-one notices, because EVERYONE is talking to "themselves" with ear pieces in their ears, ie on phones/bluetooth etc.

~tanty~ said...

Interesting photo and I like your narrative.