Friday, July 27, 2007

Closing Time Reading Harry Potter

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It was 9:30 PM. They were closed and in the middle of cleaning when they took a break to read Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. This photo, although taken in downtown Seattle, could have been taken anywhere in the world when you stop to think about it. Starbucks, Harry Potter, Paul McCartney. . .all of them world phenoms. And this just in: Joni Mitchell has signed with Hear Music/Starbucks. Looks like some world class artists have finally found a way around the troubled music business to get their work distributed to the people where they live. . .at the world-wide coffee dealer's. Bringing the world together one latte at a time! ;^)


katia said...

Good perspective!

Where is this Starbucks and where were you when you made the frame?


Steve Buser said...

It's coffeediem for me each day at Starbucks. This pix looks like it could be a good subject for a painting.
--steve buser
New Orleans Daily Photo

Zanabel said...

Yes, I'd like to know how the shot was taken, too. I love a picture that tells a story, as this one does.

travelphilippines said...

hehe well thats harrypotters magic.

katia said...

I am still curious to know of the location of this Starbucks.
Can you tell me please?


Kim said...

Hi Katia,
Sorry I didn't respond sooner. Are you familiar with the indoor mall in the shopping district that has Palomino restaurant at the top? I was standing at the 2nd floor balcony looking down at the Starbucks. There are 2 Starbucks in this place, one is just a cart set up, then there is this glass fronted one. Hope this helps. Hey, are you the Katia whose shadow photo from the Westlake Center area was featured on the PI blog recently? If so, kudos, cuz that was one fab shot!

katia said...

Well I did recently upload a photo to the P-I, yes, that showed a line of people and their shadows made from the Westlake balcony. Didn't know it had been featured though! Glad you liked it.

And thanks for the Starbucks info. I hang out a lot with the street kids at Westlake stage and it looks like that Starbucks is just a couple of blocks away from there.
I'll go check it out. I love when you can make photos from different perspectives, such as above the scene.

Thanks for your response, Kim!