Saturday, July 28, 2007

That's LoVe

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Strolling past Louis Vuitton on a warm summer night, the gent spied a bag in the shopfront window that spelled out L-O-V-E, which in life, unlike tennis, means everything. When it is featured in this window, one needn't worry if it is the genuine article. Perhaps strolling past that window was just the sign he was waiting for. . . Vuitton kicked off the summer season with a Party of Love, featuring this bag, to benefit OXFAM America. OXFAM has recently sponsored consumer champaigns to lobby Target stores about marketing "dirty gold," and Starbucks regarding fair trade issues with Ethiopian farmers. Starbucks recently signed an historic agreement with the Ethiopian farmers as a result.


Steve Buser said...

Interesting that she didn't see it.

--steve buser
New Orleans Daily Photo

Anonymous said...

I read an article recently about a luxury goods designer who made the point that Louis Vuitton bags and the like do not end up in landfills. While I could not afford one and would probably not buy one anyway, I do think it is possible to do well and to do good. Starbucks certainly appears to try to act responsibly and I don't mind giving them my business.

I learn something every time I come here. Nice one, Kim.

Olympia Daily Photo

travelphilippines said...

the girl doesnt mind LV hehe.