Sunday, July 29, 2007

Fire Boat on Elliott Bay

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A fire boat was spouting on the bay, no doubt it must have to do with Seafair, Seattle's summer festival spanning several weeks and spawning many events all around the city. Seafair has hit a high note of activity this weekend, with the nighttime community Torchlight Parade down 4th Ave. (under a nearly full moon!), , the Torchlight Run, the crowning of miss Seafair last night and the Ballard Seafood Fest starting yesterday and ending today. In this shot you can see a ferry leaving and a ferry arriving, the grain elevator/loader, Quest Field, Safeco Field, and several container cranes. Hope you are enjoying a spectacularly beautiful Sunday!


Irina said...

Beautiful landscape! I never saw a fire boat, though, but I loved this photo.

Kate said...

It's a great shot of lots of activity. The fair sounds like lots of fun, too.

Anonymous said...

I like this shot. It says it all about living in the city with water everywhere.

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Lavenderlady said...

At first I thought you might be in west Seattle...then I spotted the ferry, the dinosaurs (what my grandson calls the cranes) and pill hill in the I am confused. Are you in Ballard?

LaCresha said...

What a great shot! I Was in the Seattle area for the first time last week. You are so lucky to live in such a wonderful city!

Kim said...
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Kim said...

rina, Kate, Abe, & Lacresha,
Thank you!
Dora, I was at a park behind a school in Magnolia (which is NW of Elliot Bay), looking SE (best kept picnic spot secret place ever!) It's not pill hill in the background, but a hill behind the I-5. Downtown and Pill Hill would be way to the left if it were in this photo.