Monday, July 30, 2007

Wacky 8th

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Up very high I spied the street sign for 8th Ave. had been warped by something. Seattle mayor Greg Nickels announced on July 11 the city's plans for replacing all the city's street signs with new larger and readable signs. This is very welcome news to me, as especially at night I find the signs at most corners poorly situated and perfectly unreadable. I don't know how this sign became distorted, but it sits under the highly illuminated grand arch of the Washington State Convention and Trade Center. Even in all this light, can you make out the block numbers at the top of the sign? Even the "8th" appears gray and dingy and doesn't reflect brightly as intended. The illuminated arch was installed over Pike Street during the convention center's expansion in 2001. For a full view of the arch which spans the street and continues on for a block, please see my More Seattle Stuff page.


Anonymous said...

For me, clicking on the arch link, didn't work. I never tried to copy and past the URL to a separate browser. Anyway thought you might like to know.

Brookville Daily Photo

Kim said...

Thanks Abe, I re-entered the URL, and checked it, and its working now.

Annie said...

Hi Kim, after all, street signs ARE for reading and showing the way.