Monday, July 02, 2007

I-5 Along Eastlake

Photo & Text Copyright 2007 Seattle Daily Photo. All rights reserved, including reproduction or republishing.

Traffic in the greater Seattle area can be a challenge if you commute by car. In this cloudy day shot, the I-5 freeway and its express lanes are actually flowing well despite being full of evening traffic. If you look closely you can see a green zone along the top left of Lake Union which is Gasworks Park. That is a popular place for viewing this Wednesday night's Independence Day fireworks display, shot off from the Sapce Needle at Seattle Center. It is also popular to gp boating on Lake Union for the July 4th celebration, where water reflections add to the enjoyment of the fireworks display and the whole lake is can become a friendly floating party. The Wallingford neighborhood is visible as a grid of neat residential blocks at the top of this shot, and commercial buildings line the I-5 Eastlake corridor.


Anonymous said...

The fireworks are shot off a barge in Lake Union and another one off of Elliott Bay, not the Space Needle...that is New Years.

iBlowfish said...

Kim, that is excellent perspective between city with lake divides them. I really like the photo.

Joel Reynolds said...

Hey, your shots are really nice - I went to your other blog but it was down. I'm looking forward to seeing it too. Have a good one, and I'll be back to see more.

lv2scpbk said...

Love the city view.

Kim said...

Hey Anon, Thanks for the correction on that. I appreciate it!

Kim said...

Iblowfish, Joel, and lv2scpbk,
Many thanks for stopping by and commenting on the shot. That's very kind of you to say!