Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday Breakfast Stroll

Sunday Breakfast Stroll

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When friends come into town its fun to go out for breakfast and stroll around the neighborhood, pick up a Sunday Paper, find a warm cafe to relax with a coffee and converse. Afterward the chill autumn air is perfect for a slow walkabout punctuated with laughter. This stroll was in the Wallingford neighborhood. Have a great Sunday everyone!


Nathalie said...

Of course, with my dirty mind, what I see here is the man with the glasses on the Sunday paper box looking at the girl's bum as she passes... have a great Sunday indeed!

Kim said...

He, he. . .maybe if I'd pressed the shutter a couple seconds sooner, Nathalie! However, I think the graphic on the newspaper box is of a woman, but not sure. . .maybe she's checking out my other friend? Leave it to you to SEE things. Thanks for stopping by! I'll visit you soon,