Sunday, December 09, 2007

Candy Cane Lane


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Back in 1949, neighbors on a short looping street with a village circle, NE Park Road, in the Ravenna neighborhood, started a tradition that has been a Seattle favorite ever since. The neighbors all decorate their homes and yards with detailed Christmas displays, and the village circle in the midst of their curved lane has a themed display with moving characters on a carousel mechanism and music. It's all low tech, homeowner made, and much traversed by delighted visitors in car and on foot all of December. A home is for sale on this street right now (listed in the $800ks) which, considering the three weeks of constant passers by, seems like a good move on the real estate agent's part. Here is part of one home's display.


smilnsigh said...

Just precious! What a lovely place that must be. Short looping street and all! With a village circle in the midst of the house. Lovely!


Kim said...

Thanks Mari-Nanci! The kids insist on going every year!

Alice said...

I followed Mari-Nanci here and I'm so glad I did. Everything in the photo looks so sweet and not overdone at all. I wish I could see this neighborhood in person.