Sunday, December 16, 2007



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From the few snippets of news I've heard, the Fun Forest amusement area at the base of the Space Needle will lose its lease and be closed in 2009. It has faced steady economic losses, and there has been a movement afoot to revitalize the area. Think 60s kitschy, tacky, noisy low tech fun for kids. Think bumper cars and tilt a whirls. Not only will the ferris wheel and other spinning delights be silent, they will become fond ghosts in the collective memory.


Me said...

That's a neat shot Kim, and together with the text, it is eerie.

Anonymous said...

Aw, man! That was the site of my first kiss!

Love the ferris wheel shot.

Episcopollyanna said...

It's very sad. To be honest, it hasn't been the same since they got rid of the Flight to Mars. :(

Kim said...

Well, thanks much, Wayne!

Chez Shoes, Hey, thanks! I know. . .its the perfect place to hang with friends when one is of a certain age.

EpiscaPA, Ah, the playgrounds of youth and our memories of them.

smilnsigh said...

Fantastic capture of a soon-to-be memory.