Saturday, January 26, 2008

Asian Art Museum

Asian Art Museum

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I thought you might like to see the art deco era exterior of Seattle's Asian Art Museum in Volunteer Park. It was designed by Carl F. Gould, the head of the University of Washington's school of architecture and opened in 1933 as the Seattle Art Museum.The building was privately funded by Art Institute of Seattle president Richard Fuller and presented as a gift to the city. When the Seattle Art Museum moved to new digs on 1st Avenue downtown in 1991, SAM rededicated this building as its Asian Art Museum. One year ago this month SAM dedicated its third campus, the Olympic Sculpture Park. All three sites are wildly popular. For a photo of the shadows cast by the interesting metalwork you see on the glass panels of the entryway, click on my More Seattle Stuff site.


Guide Greg in Seattle said...

one of my favorite buildings in the city. I miss sitting on the camels out front. I bet if you invited everyone with a photo of themselves on those camels for a web page, you might get a lot of response. But you would have to get a promise of amnisty from SAAM... probably a paragraph about how that damages the art, and you will only accept OLD photos of kids on the camels...

Kim said...

Guide Greg, that's a sweet story. There were kids on them as I went in that day and I did snap their picture! Someone else asked me about climbing on the Black Sun sculpture, which I've not seen any prohibitions about.