Thursday, January 31, 2008

Candles and Flowers in the Falling Snow

Candles and Flowers in the Falling Snow

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On a clear New Year's Eve, on a safe street not all that far from a bus stop, busy grocery store, and just a few hundred yards from a medical center, 31 year old Sierra Club worker Shannon Harps was followed and suddenly attacked by a crazy man with a knife outside her very nice condo building. The man has since been arrested, linked by strong evidence to the crime including DNA evidence, and has confessed to the murder. He is a known mentally disturbed and violent criminal, was just recently out on parole, had a history of violent behavior, convicted of shooting a man randomly at a bus stop years ago. The community is staggered by this crime and appalled that such a dangerous man was free on the streets and unsupervised enough to do great harm.

In the last couple years I've walked past this corner frequently, sometimes camera in hand or heading to the store or to an appointment. When I walked past this assembled memorial of flowers and candles, all I could think of was what I had heard in news reports of her productive, positive life, how her hair, seen in news photos, was just like mine, and how she should have had so much good life ahead of her. I won't see the places where she lived her life, full of friends, travel, and meaningful work. I will only have seen this place where someone took it from her a month ago. The hearts of all Seattlites go out to her family and friends, her neighbors, and her Capitol Hill community. Other photos are here and here.


edwin s said...

It's always hard when we lose someone with an amazing outlook on life. The victim of a random murder.

However, the memory of her plight and the radiance of her being will continue to inspire others.

Hyde DP said...

These things hit hard when they happen so close to home. I'll not say more for fear of slipping into platitudes.

Kim said...

Edwin, You've always such a sweet spirit, and I think you must be right.

Gerald, Yes, I think it has hit the neighborhood where she lived very hard, and the rest of the city, too. Knowing now how random this incident was has everyone watching their backs.