Saturday, January 12, 2008

Rainy Night Airport

Rainy Night Airport

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This is the sight that will greet you when you emerge from the airport after arriving. I find the SEATAC (Seattle-Tacoma) International Airport very easy to to use, straightforward and uncomplicated. It wasn't always so for me. The automated subway satellite train loops that are available to shuttle passengers between concourses used to confuse and unnerve me in my student days, but no more. The airport is full of artwork by local talents such as Ross Palmer Beecher, Dale Chihuly, Nancy Blum, and many others. There are even bronze salmon swimming along embedded in the terrazzo flooring.

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Geologychick said...

I think that SeaTac is my favorite airport! Where else can you do some mall shopping, watch planes take off, and oh yeah... and meet Yau Man from Survivor all in one afternoon? I love that airport! LOL!