Thursday, January 10, 2008

Really Nice Green Beans

Really Nice Green Beans

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Like the sign says, they were really nice green beans this guy was loading into a bag at a popular veggie outlet at Pike Place Market. It's been gray clouds, showers, wind and cold all week. . .real soup and stew weather. Walking the market is an improvisational cook's paradise and a real budget stretcher.


contrary canary said...

Nice shot. You mention rainy weather, but I don't see much rain in your photos; is this because you think it makes for bad images?

I think some creative rainy shots could look good and would be very interesting, esp to people from places where it doesn't rain often (Las Vegas).

Just an idea.

Episcopollyanna said...

The sign for "really nice green beans" cracks me up. The Market is a treasure trove for photo ops.

Kim said...

Contrary Canary,
Thanks. Actually, ten of the fourteen photos visible right now were taken on rainy days, some during showers, others under shelter of awnings or during brief sun breaks. I'm a busy mom who works outside the home and get out to shoot when I can. I don't avoid rain shots, I simply shoot what I see when I'm doing my walkabouts, whatever the weather. The hockey guys, for instance, were playing while it was raining, the restroom is dripping with rain in the shot where the guy is waiting, and these folks in PPM were bundled up because it was rainy and very cold in this open air market. You must be a newer viewer of SDP. If you would care to see a plethora of creative rainy day/night shots, please peruse the SDP archives (to the right in the sidebar) of more than 500 shots or among my over 2500 Flickr shots.

It cracked me up, too, and it was a perfect descriptor. They WERE that good.