Monday, February 11, 2008

5th Avenue Corner Cafe Scene

5th Street Corner Cafe Scene

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It's Monday, you are back at work and you are looking at this blog. So, you're on a break, right? ;^). Here's a little fun exercise while you finish your coffee: You are a screenwriter and this photo is a still taken during filming of your work. Using only the clues, elements and characters that you find in this Seattle photo, write a a brief storyline or scenario. Extra points for plausibility and humor! If you must introduce new characters to make your Seattle story work, they must be familiar characters making cameo appearances from the television shows Grey's Anatomy, Frasier, or Here Come the Brides, or the movies Firewall or Sleepless in Seattle. Have fun with it and share your storyline in the comments section.


Sailor Girl said...

Hello. Sorry, but... how do we vote? I love your blog and think it's the best blog ever about Seattle, at least for someone so far away as myself! Thanks!

Susan said...

I think your photos over thae past week have been marvelous! You have really captured "Seattle" Its people and the colours, the life. I wish I had time to do a story for you? Looks like fun. This photo could easily have been downtown Vancouver BC.

Susan said...
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Seattle Guide Greg said...

Grey's Anatomy has an interesting side story. Take a look at the Fisher complex, home to KOMO Radio and TV, and you have the Hosptial.

I am told the exterior shots use the ABC affiliate's building, if so, a great inside joke as the ABC station that airs the show.

The concept of Mobile Intensive Care Units was created here in Seattle thanks to the research of Dr. Cobb and Harborview. One reason Seattle is considered the best to have a heart attack in is the number of folks trained in CPR, and the availability of a Medic One unit within 3 minutes throughout the region. A side bar to that was the developement of the device that gives the shock. Both major manufacturers are still here in the northwest, and I am told that ONE of the Veeps at one company is a consultant to ER. The story goes that if you want to know if the patient lives or dies, check out the equiptment used. If NOT the Northwest based Brand, the victem is Toast.