Tuesday, February 19, 2008



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OMG! Can you believe it?! It's been so long, it's just amazing! Two days of blue skies in a row! Wow, the sun. It's SHINING! It's warm! Woo hoo! Hey, don't mention this to the guys in Wisconsin, they'll be sore. . . ;^) We've had a lovely spring-like reprieve from our long bout with predominantly gray skies. These masks adorn the fence of a ceramics artist's home near Salmon Bay Park.


alaya said...

u're so lucky having blue sky. here we have rain and gray sky for the last couple of days.
but the colorful masks cheer me up :)

Olivier said...

ces masques sont très beaux, on dirait des masques africains. une belle exposition.

These masks are beautiful, it looks like the African masks. A beautiful exhibition.

blogazar said...

Beautiful Picture! Reminds me of New Orleans or a Day of the Dead Celebration in Mexico. Thanks for sharing!

Chuck Pefley said...

some of those faces look like they had too much sun -:)

Back to normal again today. Oh, well.

Hyde DP said...

brill photo - we've had some nice sun but it is still very cold.

Per Stromsjo said...

Good to hear that you got ourselves a bit of sunlight as well. So did we today. This is the time of year when we appreciate it the most. That's a very personal way to decorate a fence, I'd say. Good shot.

Steve Buser said...

Great marketing idea.

Send all that good weather this way when you are finished with it.

--steve buser
New Orleans Daily Photo

American Fork said...

They look, to me, like they are about to break out into song all together.

We are expecting more snow in Utah tomorrow and this weekend, so I am so jealous of your sunshine!