Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The View is Slowly Filling In

The View is Slowly Filling In

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A couple years ago I was stopped at the light at Boren & Pike at night staring through the four giant columns of Pillars Park that were erected in the 1960s. Down the slope toward the Needle I could see Elephant Carwash's pink neon sign turning and sparkling way down there, and I thought to myself, "I've got to get a good lens and come back here for this shot on a clear night." Well, now I have the lens, but hey, that view's not going to happen again due to that building going up on the right. Dang. The pillars of Plymouth Pillars Park were intended to frame this view of the slope down to the Denny regrade, up Queen Anne and out to the Olympic Mountains. When the cranes finish their work, what will be in view?

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sharon said...

What a great photojournal-- I can't believe I never discovered it until now!

You've got some awesome shots, thank you.

Marcel said...

Progress is often sad. I always loved the Elephant Carwash. Do you remember the Hat and Boots gas station down by Boeing Field?

Sharon is right this is a great photojournal sight.

Seattle Guide Greg said...

Plymouth Pillars were from the front of the old Plymouth Church, displaced when they built the freeway. (the new church is adjacent the freeway). A real mix of unique buildings were nearby. A very sixty's era styled building was for many years used by Olivetti. A porn theater famous for running "Deep Throat" is now a tatoo parlor adjoining a great Tapas place. Around the corner were the Butterworth Funeral Home. I used to work as an intern for a radio station that was across the street... the studios overlooked this entire set of Non Sequitars (sp?). Butterworths' business was so good, for a while they rented the basement of the same building as the radio station... their overnight bell just below the station's overnight doorbell at the front door. Late one night, we were expecting the new guy for the graveyard shift, and the medical examiner dropped off some new business and rang the wrong bell. Needless to say, you could not write a movie with a better punchline. SOme of the voices heard on the old KUUU are still in the market today, but Butterworths has also moved on.

Olivier said...

une très belle photo en b&w, avec la grue et la tour, cela rend vraiment très bien

A beautiful picture in b & w, with the crane and the tower, it makes really good