Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love & Loss in Seattle

Love & Loss in Seattle

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The new Washington Mutual building, visible from the waterfront, often features whimsical window patterns at holidays. For Halloween they lighted windows in a jack o'lantern pattern, last Valentine's day there was a giant heart, and for this Valentine's Day I heard that the word LOVE is spelled out. I remembered that building was prominently in the background in some shots I took last spring and summer of the Love & Loss sculpture installation at the Olympic Sculpture Park. So, I thought I would try to photograph the "&" from the sculpture superimposed on the LOVE of the building and make a recombined Love & Loss valentine for you. One problem. . .by the time I could get away to shoot, the lights were turned off in the building and there was no LOVE. . .sigh. So, here you have just the ampersand wearing the top of the Needle as a sparkley little hat. You can see the dimmed LOVE building and a photo of my love's hand resting on the "O" of the Love & Loss Sculpture by Roy McMakin by clicking my More Seattle Stuff page.

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Chuck Pefley said...

Love "AND" Loss ... didn't think about that one. Clever idea thinking about combining the two. I like the cap in this photo a lot! Happy Valentine's Day!

edwin s said...

yeah, great idea about combining the two. & it's tough when there's no love to catch. :)

Nathalie said...

No LOVE, oooooh!

You did well with this photo anyway.

Kim, thanks for your comments in Avignon about the beehives being given away, it is quite amazing. I do think it's a huge worry.

Hope you had a great Valentine day anyway.

Kim said...

Chuck, thank you!
Edwin, always nice to hear from you.
Nathalie, Thank you, and enjoy the early breakout of spring!