Friday, February 15, 2008

New Chinese Gate

New Gate

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The new gate marking this end of Chinatown in the International District was dedicated last Saturday, February 9th, during Lunar New Year's festivities celebrating the Year of the Rat. The gate will be matched by another gate at the far end of the street sometime in the future. It is a wonderful addition to the streetscape in this neighborhood that celebrates the heritage, contributions and current lives of Asian Pacific Americans in Seattle.

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christina said...

I didn't realize this is finished now, I'll go check it out on a lunch break.

I voted for ya!

Olivier said...

je viens de voter, et tu mènes avec beaucoup d'avances.
Tres belle ta photo de cette porte la nuit.
Bon Weekend

I just voted, and you are in front with a lot of advances.
Your beautiful picture of this gate at night.
Good Weekend

Dusty Lens said...

Oh wow! I gotta' get over there. This is quite the amazing structureworth dozens of pics!

Crocus' blooiming already??!! You are lucky, winter rages on. Our Thyme and Rosemary plants we brought in for the winter are looking rather spindly, and anemic. I sure hope they can hold on until May. -9 F here this morning. Mde picture taking this evening at 2 quite tough.

Sarah said...

Can you tell me what direction you are looking on what street? It has been a while since I have been in Seattle and am having a hard time figuring out where exactly I am looking at...

Seattle Guide Greg said...

Sarah, you would be looking EAST, and standing on 5th Avenue with your back to the area due SOUTH of Union Station. The plaza is there that covers the bus tunnel entrance. It is shared by Union Station and the new office towers built just south of Union Station.

The gate is the culmination of more than 50 years of effort to build a gate marking the entrance. What used to be considered Japantown was forced to merge with the traditional Chinatown when they built the freeway in the mid 1960's. At that point it became known as the International district, but is home to more than 20 different cultures from the Pacific Rim, including Japan, China, Philippines, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and more. The addition of the gate helps reclaim the historic trappings of the Chinese American experiences...

Sarah said...

That is right by my old bus stop then; the bus taking me home to Beacon Hill.