Saturday, March 22, 2008

Cyclist On Foot

Cyclist On Foot

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A bike commuter, lock and wrench in hand, walking around the corner to park her bike in front of a popular local bakery cafe, Verite Coffee & Cupcake Royal, in the Madrona neighborhood. Showers were predicted, and she was ready with her footwear.


Kim Thomas said...

Great Observation and Photo!

AraratDailyPhoto said...

She looks like she is going to come over and bop you on the head with that wrench!

(btw - I love this photo - so interesting and colourful).

Gail's Man said...

Are you sure it's her bike & she's not nicked it As why would you need to carry a wench around with you? And why is she walking & not riding?

Anonymous said...

Wow that bike is slim and her tights are awesome!

(Never ridden a bike to much, so I'm not sure what the wrench is for?)


Kim said...

Kim, Thank you for your kind comment!

Araratdailyphoto, I think you are right! Luckily I was across the street and out of reach. It's not often someone catches me shooting a candid of them, but I'm always interested in the reaction when they do. I took a cue from her gaze and immediately looked elsewhere and walked on. I had been shooting photos of a new red building when she strolled into the scene, and who could resist capturing her wonderful image. It's only after I upload photos like this that I notice the details, like the wrench.

Gail's Man, Ah, you've got a mystery writer's instincts!;^). I think she's just gotten off to park and lock her bike and she keeps the wrench and lock together.

Kiffen, Yes, this bike has slim tires, and it looks like it might be a fixed gear bike, at least I can't see a derailer from this angle. If she uses it primarily to commute, having the tools she needs for quick repairs is pretty wise. I agree, the leggings are super as well as practical. I'm just wondering how well the gum boots fare in the toe clips?

Seattle Tall Poppy said...

What an interesting juxtaposition. Behind her, the sign says "open" but the surrounding "caution" tape does not welcome. Which correlates well with your subject. While the bike and wellies appear whimsical and fun, the subject gives an impression that's quite the opposite.

Nice shot!

George Townboy said...

Truly a classic!! Wow ... I gave you a 5 on this one (on the others too, lol). Do you think she was aware of her outstanding photogenic appeal?

Petrea said...

The entire image is so Seattle.

Salem Oregon Daily Photo said...

Kim, I've noticed more and more people who cast a weary eye at anyone pointing a camera these days. Even turn their back. Perhaps they wonder where the shot will end up. Great conversational shot.

Cuentos said...

It looks like to me a very good capture and a great image. I like it very much.
Saludos, Mariana C.