Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Municipal Tower Top

Municipal Tower Top

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It's an odd shape in architecture, at least to me. The roof line of Seattle's Municipal Tower is distinctive from any angle. If you view it from the north or south elevations, you'll see that the sloping roof on those sides is transparent. You might remember this image of the base I featured in SDP last spring.

Join me in wishing a happy 3rd anniversary to Eric of Paris Daily Photo, who, without ever dreaming it, founded a global city daily photoblogging movement and anticipates his one millionth unique visitor to PDP today. Bon anniversaire, Eric!

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Chuck Pefley said...

Well you had me going with this one, Kim. I confess without the text I'd be at a complete loss. Wonderful long lens shot and the perspective is great. Nice photo! Coincidentally I rode right past this tonight circling the block on my way to a city council meeting next door at city hall.

Carraol said...

Extraordinary angle of these buildings, different styles of architecture!

Small City Scenes said...

Seattle has a great skyline. MB

Jilly said...

You have been voted for! Thanks for telling us it's Eric' third birthday. You are so right, Eric has changed the lives of so many of us. I'm hoping over now to wish him Bon anniversaire.

Ken said...

A very interesting building.Do you know who has the office at the top?

Anonymous said...

Always seemed rather Phalic to me, Second and Seneca being the Flacid cousin to this building and of course Martin Selig giving Seattle the finger with the Columbia Tower. Just sayin'.