Thursday, March 13, 2008

Reflected Plaid

Reflected Plaid

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I thought we'd spend another day gazing upward in downtown.--this time at an abstract created by all kinds of building stripes, a stripe of blue sky, and golden architectural grid lines superimposed on the gridded glass of 2 Union Square, one building's reflection upon another, creating a visual plaid .

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alice said...

Like a patchwork of glass...

Bibi said...

I love these abstract, unusal shots of something we see everyday.

Steffe said...


Kitty said...

LOVE your photos. Love them. Simple as that.
Do you have a super duper camera? I'm curious. Your Flickr stats don't show what you use.

Gorgeous, Kim. Really.

Marie-Noyale said...

Beautiful grid you made!!
I am a big fan of reflections of all kind..
I voted ,do you have to do it everyday or once?
Have a good day.

Small City Scenes said...

Modern Plaid---for St. Paddy's day.
Pretty neat. MB

Sailor Girl said...

They look really tall!!!!

Zsolt said...

looking at the photo its like trembling for heat! great job

kostas said...

Hello Kim,superb architecture image.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Chuck Pefley said...

Hi Kim, wonderful apropos description. I, too, am a fan of long lens isolation and am often both excited and surprised by the paper towel view snippets that can be made. Nice follow-up to yesterday! To quote a popular Seattle photographer ... "Oh My"! :~)

~tanty~ said...

Kim, this is an unusual shot but I love it.

Sailor Girl said...

Hi Kim!!!
Thank you for the lovely comment!

Please note that those birds you saw (Sea-Parrots) are stuffed ones... They belong to the museum collection of a School in Setúbal (Portugal). They have been stuffed at least since 1921...

Benjamin Madison said...

I love these cityscapes of yours. Thanks for your kind comments on my Victoria Daily Photo blog. The last time I was in Seattle was shortly after 9/11 - I was stranded in the airport on my way home from S. Korea - no flights out to Victoria, or anywhere else. Even then I enjoyed myself there and hope to visit again under less stressful circumstances.

Destitute Rebel said...

Hey Kim, thanks for the warm welcome on lahore daily photos, you have some amazing pictures and i will be sure to visit regularly.

Petrea said...

You make a shiny city even shinier by showing glimpses we might not otherwise see.

Helen said...

Hi Kim,

Thanks for dropping by to visit Mainz, and to leave a comment.

This photo is a perfect reminder to "look up". Simply beautiful.

Dusty Lens said...

Often I have lamented about our city's glass boxed buildings as being charactervoid in architectrual appeal. I prefer the classic more gothic structures in Europe. But after seeing photos like this with the symmetry and reflections, I now see their appeal. Very nice photos!

Kim said...

Alice, Oooo I like that analogy!

Bibi, Ever since we got a camera as a wedding gift, I've been seeing things very differently. What is it about seeing through a lens that opens up one's vision?

Steffe, Oh so clever!

Kitty, Than you. You are so very kind and I'm glad you enjoy the shots. I have a very modest DSLR camera, actually.

Marie-Noyal, Thank you, and thanks very much for supporting SDP in the blog poll--just once, thanks!

MB, Well, I think its the Scotts that are associated with plaids, and the Irish for the wearing of the green, but we'll celebrate no matter what the occasion :-).

Sailor Girl, I think the one on the right, 2 Union Square, may be one of the tallest in the city.

Zolt, thank you. Actually, for the past few weeks I've been having trouble with image quality after resizing the photos for the blog, and I think that may be the wavyness you see, like heat rising. I was hoping it was just my monitor going weird or something, but apparently not. I tried everything I know to clear up the distortion.

Kostas, Always so nice to hear from you, and thank you so much. Hope you are enjoying warm days and great light for your wonderful photos!

Chuck, Why thank you so much for those very kind comments. Don't you wish our eyes had an assortment of lenses built in so that as we saw things without a camera in front of us we would get those amazing moments of seeing something exciting or surprising that usually passes us by in our daily rush. Maybe the camera is our excuse to stop and look in the first place, helping us really see?

Tanty, I love to through an abstract view in every now and again, and I know they do seem strange sometimes. Thanks very much!

Sailor Girl, Oh! I'm glad you let me know. My understanding of Spanish is pretty good, but I don't glean much from reading Portuguese and the English comments were brief. They DID look really life-like! :-} And very well dusted!

Benjamen, Thank you, and I hope your next experience of Seattle is fun. Hey, you should jump on board the Clipper soon, the exchange rate is WAY in your favor right now.

DR, Thanks very much, and have fun with your new venture in photoblogging!

Petrea, Why thank you!

Helen, Thank you for visiting SDP. I'm always looking up because I'm short, so maybe it's my natural inclination.:-)

Dusty Lens, I'm glad a shot like this can trigger such thoughts! Thank you!

And a very big thank you to everyone who has voted in the Metroblogging Seattle poll. I appreciate it!

Maya said...

I love the reflections you can find in this city. Nice shot!