Friday, March 14, 2008

On The Viaduct Thru Belltown

On The Viaduct Thru Belltown

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If you've visited Seattle, you are familiar with this area along the waterfront, but perhaps from a different viewpoint. Just past that beige building to the right of the highway is the backside of the Pike Place Market complex and the adjoining Victor Steinbrueck Park. If you live here, you probably have driven along this elevated highway, the Alaskan Way Viaduct (Hwy 99), many, many times. And, no, I do not advocate shooting while driving; this was taken while riding shotgun. :-) The other buildings you see are mainly Belltown's condominiums. I always like seeing the two buildings at center which slope and draw the eye up along their stacked atria (can you see the trees peeking out the skylights?)

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Chuck Pefley said...

So Kim, who's driving? -:)

neil said...

I always like this view, as well. I read an article in Architectural Digest many many years ago about the building in the center. Apparently, there was (is?) a pool on top that appears to let the water dribble over the edge. There was also an atrium that seated 60 (if memory serves correctly) for piano recitals. All this was a private residence for some retired Naval Officer or something like that. Nice living.

BTW, thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I am happy to send my readers here to see the city I love through your lense.

Bibi said...

Lovely shot, Kim. I enjoy taking the viaduct when in Seattle, and since I'm usually a passenger, I can enjoy looking all around. What's happening with the viaduct? Is it going to stay (I hope) or give way to a highway?? :<(

(Pat in Belgrade, otherwise seen here as Bibi!)

Nathalie said...

Hi Kim, thanks for your visit in Avignon.

I loved your green foreground and reflected plaid but most of all I was touched by your freegan post. Isn't America an amazing land where everything coexists from the richest people on the planet and people like these ?

Katney said...

The view is wonderful and Seattle is full of awesome views, but the Alaska Way Viaduct scares me--all viaducts and high bridges scare me and so does city traffic in general most of the time, so I guess it is good I live in the country.

Clueless in boston said...

Great cityscape shot. I don't know if I would like living in one of those condos with cars zipping by so close.

Kim said...

Chuck, Why, the driver is driving, of course ;^).

Neil, That is SO interesting about that building! I'd like to look up that article because the details you mention are ringing a bell with me. And now I'm going to have to scout out how to get a view down on it to see if the roof top pool is still there. I appreciate your sharing this insight into that building's background and details. Thanks very much.

Bibi, Thanks! As you might have heard, last year there was quite a difference of local opinion about how to remedy the structural damage issues brought up by the Nisqually earthquake and the whole issue finally got punted to the Governor's office for resolution. Last I read, plans were to replace it with another elevated highway rather than build a tunnel or boulevard, and I'll have to check and see the current status on that decision. As someone who had two workmates crippled and four killed when their vanpool was caught in the horrible collapse of a similar structure in the Loma Prieta earthquake, I would hope for engineering that was foolproof, a very big and expensive challenge in a landfill area like the viaduct is built upon.

Nathalie, Thank you very much my friend. Apparently, most of the Freegans are upper middle class in income (the lady in the photo is not poor), but have decided that the American addiction to consumerism (what some people call Affluenza) is something that should end and that they don't wish to be part of. So, its sort of a social/political movement of people who are trying to extract themselves from the status quo of consuming things and use their resources to help society in other ways.

Katney, There are a lot of people who feel as you do. Its all relative, I guess. I don't think twice about driving and parking here or going over bridges and along viaducts. I guess because it seems like a piece of cake compared to San Francisco, which I can drive with no problem. But if I went to Chicago or New York City, I bet I'd be freaked out, and I KNOW I would never drive in London or Paris. :-)

Clueless, It does make on wonder! I know how dirty my window sills would get when I lived a mile from a freeway, so the pollution would be my concern. I think all the new buildings in Belltown must promise great sound proofing.

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Marcel said...

A very nice photo indeed. I gave you a 5, but I saw it too late in the day to do you any good. Sorry.

This is an area that has changed greatly over the years. At one time I know there was talk of tearing down the Alaska Way Viaduct. Is this still being talked about? And if so where would the traffic be diverted too?

I remember many years ago when a fuel truck exploded when it crashed early in the morning while driving south bound in the middle tier. For many years there was a big black char mark on the concrete above the place where the truck crashed. Do you know is that still visible?

alice said...

"Waterfront"? But where is the seaaaa?

Kate said...

I like the terraced look of the building.