Saturday, March 15, 2008

Refurbished She Stands

Refurbished She Stands

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West Seattle's Alki Beach has been graced with a replica of the Statue of Liberty since 1952 when local Boy Scouts raised funding and had it installed, part of a nation-wide BSA effort that placed over 200 of these 8 ft. replicas all over America. She became a magnet for community expressions of outrage, mourning, and solidarity with the people of NYC after the 9-11 attacks. The elements and vandalism had not been kind to Lady Liberty, so she went in for an extreme makeover at the foundry. She returned rejuvenated to her pedestal last September 11th, and her original self can now be viewed in the Log House Museum. She's slated to have a new base and plaza installed for the public to enjoy by the end of this year.

Seattle Daily Photo takes this opportunity to raise a golden Tater Tot in salute to West Seattle Blog, an unparalleled community news blog and winner of Metroblogging Seattle's 2008 blog tournament. Big woo hoo and wishes for continued success in building a more connected and informed community, something no true democracy can have enough of. And, many, many thanks to SDP readers for all their kind support up through the final round, and to the MetBlogs staff for featuring and encouraging bloggers from all over the city. Thanks a bunch!


djingen said...
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Kate said...

Kim, I have seen Lady Liberty in so many unusual locations that I wasn't surprised to see it on a Seattle blog! Great commentary, too.

Small City Scenes said...

Bless Lady Liberty. MB

Jilly said...

Gosh, I thought I was on the wrong blog! Nice photo and good to read the history of this Lady.

Chuck Pefley said...

This statue on Alki is one of my favorites. Haven't visited her in awhile and am glad to hear she's in the process of refurbishing. Thanks for the news. -:)

Helen said...

When I first opened your blog I thought I clicked on the wrong link! LOL

Interesting info!

Kim said...

Kate, Thanks. I think one of our daily blogging friends had pictured one in another city back some time ago. I wonder how many we could scout out between all of us?

MB, So many Seattlites feel this way about her. I've been meaning to ask what neighborhood your mom had lived in before her move to Whidbey?

Jilly, I wondered if it would fake people out. Thank you!

Chuck, I'm not sure when construction will begin on the new plaza area, but it is supposed to be done this year sometime. The statue itself has been completely remade, and she's looking good.

Helen, I guess the image is so closely associated with New York, its puzzling at first. I remember coming across a larger replica in Paris and being pleasantly surprised.

Mo said...

I never knew you had a replica in Seattle. Very nice shot.

George Townboy said...

Awesome post! I didn't know about these replicas ... thank you.

BTW, I love Neil Young!!