Monday, April 21, 2008

Map in Hand

Map in Hand

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Visitors to Seattle are enduring much lower than average temps, snow, hail, and rain as a storm system passes through from the north. So, this woman finding her way near the convention center is dressed for our unexpected spring. The sky shows are dramatic and beautiful, though!


Gargamello said...

Nice shot. That woman strikes a very attractive pose.

Bibi said...

Hi, Kim. Classy lady checking out Seattle, definitely dressed for the weather, from what I hear.

Just curious---do you ask for their permission to post their photos? Sign a release? I mean, it looks as if she's seen you take her photo. I am always in a quandry as what to do when a photo isn't going to be really used for a true commercial use...or is it? Help?

Torun Observer said...

I am the very first time in your blog and it is fantastic experience for me to see so much interesting subjects!

Many of your photos are great inspiration for me! Really.

Thank you and best wishes

Torun Observer

USelaine said...

It's fun to see all the "street" fashion you've been showing us recently.

bskaad said...

Thank you for a really nice blog with allot of lovely pictures. I discovered that there is allot of other "daily-photo" bloggs, are you working together or is it just a coincident.

Hope you don't mind, i put you in my favorites.

Anonymous said...

This is a classy-looking young woman and she looks comfortable in her clothes. Like she is warm enough but not too warm.

If you are interested in taking photos of people in public you can Google it.

D.C. Confidential said...

Wow! The way you capture people is just stunning. I love the map in her hand and the expression on her face. Excellent!

Kim said...

Gargamello, Thank you. She was such an attractive and well groomed person, without that overly corporate look so many out of town business people have. I saw her from a distance and was shocked to notice when I eventually passed her that she was older than my first impression led me to believe.

Pat, No, she didn't notice me take photos of her. . .she's looking beyond me. I don't generally approach or speak to people when doing street photography unless I wish for them to stop or to be aware that I am taking a shot of some aspect about them that caught my eye. For instance, a couple was sitting on a park bench conversing and the woman's doubled patterned stockings were very interesting and made an amazing geometric impact. There would have been no way to candidly photograph it without being intrusive or rude, so I asked permission in that case. I do not as a matter of personal policy include photos of children on the blog without express permission of their parents to photograph them, and I give them the URL if they are interested. All my other shots of people are candid. It has been very rare that someone has noticed me take a shot of them. I am very quick and usually turn my attention immediately elsewhere once the shutter clicks. It's been even rarer (three times) that someone has asked me not to shoot or asked if I had taken a shot of them. Its perfectly legal to photograph people in public places without permissions or releases required. I would never include on the blog a photo that would intentionally embarrass someone, and hopefully folks find I follow an ethic of respect. I find people beautiful and fascinating and incredibly complex. People who have discovered their image in my Flickr photostream have contacted me and even favorited their photo, so no one has yet raised a concern. If they ever did, of course I would remove the photo.

Torun Observer, Thank you for your visit. I've been to your blog a few times now and hope to visit again soon!

Uselaine, Thanks. I love fabrics and textiles and enjoy seeing how people put things together.

Bskaad, Yes there are over 300 linked City Daily Photo Blogs. Click the orange button in the sidebar to find out more about us!

Abe, She was so stunning to see, trying to get her barrings on the street that morning. Thanks for the suggestion to Bibi to try Googling about street photography guidelines.

D.C. Confidential, Why thanks so much.