Thursday, May 15, 2008

Celebrations in Seattle

6 Flags Over Ballard

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On any given day you will find not one, but six nation's flags displayed in several locations around the Ballard neighborhood where Nordic pride runs deep. This ship's mast flag pole at the Viking Bank next to the Sons of Norway Hall flies the colors of the USA, Finland, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. This Saturday Norway's flag will dominate the mix as Seattle hosts the largest Syttende Mai parade and celebration outside of Norway. It is just one of several events this weekend, like the Seattle Cheese Festival at Pike Place Market and the International Children's Festival at Seattle Center, that will kick off Seattle's sunny non-stop summer festival season in grand style.


Anonymous said...

The Swedish flag is awfully faded. Time for a new one!

Kim said...

Anon, I agree. Call the Viking Bank to report. Probably a Norwegian-American flag keeper on staff feeling sore about the ice cube recipe debate between Oslo and Stockholm ;^)

Sailor Girl said...

Awsome picture!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my this is a bright photo with the six flags and the explanation is interesting to read too.

My mom moved to Texas and one of the first things she learned and told me about was the number of flags that can be or was or could be flown in the state. I think it might have been six, including Mexico.

Knoxville Girl said...

That's a lot of flags, but the more, the merrier, I say. This is a really good shot - I have a heck of a time shooting flags in the breeze. Maybe the Norwegians are more cooperative.

USelaine said...

I don't know, Kim. That Norwegian-American flag keeper has a lot to answer for. It looks like five out of six are tattered, and Denmark is in shreds! Posting this was swift action and smart thinking on your part, exposing these insults before they cause an international incident! The folks at Viking Bank are sure to get an earful. ;^)

re: the coats - our rock stars are way more "country" than your rock stars.