Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fin Project

Fin Project

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Magnuson Park in Seattle is situated on a mile long stretch of beautiful Lake Washington. The popular waterfront park is part of a former US Navy facility. I took this shot of The Fin Project: Swords Into Plowshares art installation from atop Kite Hill. John Young, a professor of sculpture at UW, used fins from decommissioned Cold War era nuclear submarines donated by the Navy and arranged them to resemble a pod of Orca whales. Each fin has a brass plaque near the base with the name of the submarine and contributors to the art project. There is a sister installation in Florida (only gray, like dolphin fins) and the artist hopes to make this an international project. (Yes, the man out for a walk does have "Ballard" tattooed on his left leg. Perhaps in alum of BHS?)


Bibi said...

I once translated a fantasy story where there were creatures called "land whales" that crossed grassy plains, which made me think of Orca whales. I took a shot of this park when the grass was really high, sent it to the author, and he was thrilled!

Nice shot!

MarkTrevorSmith said...

Great shot. If all my plans go right, I'll be moving from Missouri to an apartment near Magnuson Park within two years.

Chuck Pefley said...

Cool use of scrap submarines. Thanks for posting this one. I've only lived here 36 years and knew nothing about this installation.

MarkTrevorSmith said...

Prediction accomplished! I now live right next to Magnuson Park and walk through this fin project several times a week. Moving and inspiring--and then a run up adjacent Kite Hill.