Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kenmore Close

Kenmore Close

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One beautiful and exciting way to get a visual grasp of Seattle and its many interesting features is to go aloft for one of Kenmore Air's floatplane flightseeing excursions. They take off from the waters on the northwest shore of Lake Union and give first time visitors and Seattlites alike a great perspective on the Emerald City. Check out someone's video of a KA landing here on YouTube . In my photo a pilot is taking his passengers for a close look at the Needle as part of the air tour. I wonder if the folks in the elevator can see the folks in the plane?


Marcel said...

Great Photo! How the heck do you get a photo from this angle?

SeattleDMBfan said...

Great shot! Perfect timing with the plane.

babooshka said...

I can't help it, but every time I see the Needle I think of Frasier, which I adore. It really is a fantastic image.

Kim said...

Marcel, Hey thanks! It's the lens and an extender that gets the reach (500mm). I was looking straight out from QA.

SeattleDMBfan, thanks a bunch. I followed the Kenmore Air flight for quite a number multiburst shots.

Babooshka, that's understandable. You sure wouldn't find Niles and Frasier in that KA Beaver, though. Small planes would make them nervous. :^} It might interest you to know that it is said the "view" out Frasier's apartment window is actually a mish mash of images and wouldn't be a possible view from anywhere in Seattle. I assume the Space Needle image the show used (and just about every post card in existance, too) was taken from the same vantage point I took this from, so of course it triggers your memory of the set view. Too bad they didn't actually film that show here. Same with Gray's Anatomy. . .the cast comes once or twice a year to film a few exteriors and that's it.

Clare said...

Gosh. That is stunning! I can't imagine what it must be like living in a big city!