Friday, June 27, 2008

Looking West From the Viewridge Neighborhood

NE 65th St. in Viewridge Neighborhood Looking West

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Do you see "The Brothers" peak from the Olympic range in the distance? This view is from the Viewridge neighborhood that sits above Lake Washington's western shore. You are peering down the view corridor formed by NE 65th Street. To the right on the hill ahead begins the Wedgewood neighborhood. These areas in the north end of Seattle were developed later than the central areas and are primarily made up of WWII and post-WWII era residential developments. The area's landscape, decidedly more suburban in feel compared to Seattle's central, downtown, and southern portions, keeps a greener, more forested appearance than other areas which were more heavily logged out early in the city's history.


Afyonkarahisar said...

cool shot!

Louis la Vache said...

"Louis" had forgotten about "The Brothers"....and he had forgotten about the very different feel of the north end of Seattle vs. central and southern Seattle.
It's been a few years since "Louis" has visited. Thanks for the reminder.... :-)

Tori said...

Kim, the reason I love this photo is because it was able to transport me to a time and place. I only lived in Seattle for 9 months (my other 33.75 years have been in Texas) and this is how I remember the view from the drivers seat...going to work, driving to the store, grabbing a coffee, going to church, etc. Thanks for taking me back to such a sweet time and place.

Kim said...

Well, thank you Afyonkarahisr, Louis, and Tori. And I'm glad it reminded you of time you spent here Louis and Tori.
Tori, what neighborhoods did work, live, and go to church in when you lived here?

Way back when I transferred to a college here for a shot time (ran out of money!), but the city apparently had its hooks in me and years later, here I am again! Perhaps you'll find that true for you some day.