Wednesday, September 17, 2008

So Much to Say

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Guys gabbing during a smoke break on an Experience Music Project concert night. The EMP lives up to its name as an interactive museum and venue that must be experienced, hands on. Most people visiting it for the first time would call it the AMAZING Music Project, and a Seattle destination not to be missed if you have an interest in American popular music and rock from the 1950s to present, or in contemporary architecture.


Wayne said...

Haven't been inside but the outside is definitely photogenic.

Virginia said...

I would LOVE to visit that. Like your shot very much today. Great color and so much to see. Like your angle. I am sure it was intentional. Mine always need taht handy straightening tool. I think I must be cockeyed or something.

Barbara Rahal said...

It is a whole experience to go in there, I loved...would visit again no doubt!

Nice angle!!

Jilly said...

Love the moment in this photograph. It so brings the viewer into the photo and what is happening.