Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Hutch

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Which of our lives has not been touched by cancer? Each of us has a loved one, colleague, or friend who has dealt with hearing that dreaded word, cancer, uttered into their lives. Perhaps you have had your own physical battle with it. The buildings you see in this photo comprise the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, or "The Hutch" as most Seattlites refer to this renown biotech complex. The researchers inside this unassuming little fortress on the east shore of Lake Union are attempting to mount effective attacks against this common enemy in all its forms. My husband died at a young age last year from glioblastoma mutilforme, a fast growing and particularly nasty form of brain cancer which at this time, sadly, is nearly always fatal. In time new treatments may be forged through the hard work and investigation of folks at the Hutch and other of Seattle's labs and medical centers. Or breast cancer! October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the USA. My best wishes are with everyone who is dealing with cancer in their lives, and with those seeking to eradicate it.


jill said...

Amen to that Kim.

Marcel said...

Kim I too agree!

Tania said...

I'm a frequent reader of your blog, but this is the first time I'm commenting, I think. I am sorry to hear about your recent loss. It is for him that researchers are trying to figure out how this awful disease works. I used to work at the Hutch in one of the many labs there. I worked there for 2 1/2 years before I relocated to Tucson, AZ. I work in the Arizona Cancer Center now! I do miss the Hutch though. We had a wonderful view of Lake Union and Queen Anne Hill from our lab window. We were lucky! I used to live in the Eastlake neighborhood on Franklin Ave and I miss my daily walks to and from work! I have to drive 30 minutes to get to work from where I live now.

I've settled quite comfortably here, but all these pictures make me homesick! It's fun to visit this blog because I will recognize a lot of places you took the pictures, which are beautiful by the way! Thank you!

Becky said...

Praise the Lord for doctors and medical scientists.

It's true that everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer. My boss just found out a couple of weeks ago that she has an aggressive form of breast cancer, and she is actually in your city this weekend meeting with doctors, creating a plan of action.

I'm wearing my pink ribbon all month, and probably beyond. Keep researching, scientists. And public, keep donating to this cause. It's worth it.