Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Last Debate

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Federal and state political campaigns dominated the airwaves this evening in Seattle. We had to run an errand to Northgate Mall and as we were leaving noticed a couple dozen people had gathered around four TV screens to catch the last debate between presidential candidates McCain and Obama. Young, old, men, women, workers, shoppers, it was generating attentive listening and animated conversations. We listened to the remainder on the car radio. At home afterward we listened to the Washington State gubernatorial debate between Governor Gregoire and challenger former state senator Dino Rossi.


Small City Scenes said...

Yes, debates are interesting. I don't know if they ever sway anyones votes but they do make one think.
How great your grandfather worked for/with the Forest Service. I would like that too. MB

Bibi said...

I watch the debates, election news over here. Northgate Mall is one of my favorite malls... I wonder if the "Amazing Savings" and "Twelve Great Features" signs placed above the screens reflect the candidates' programs, too. Ha, ha.

Anonymous said...

Bibi's comment is funny.

I like your post, Kim. Nice work on the photo.

Jilly said...

Super photo. I'd love to know how you got that effect. It so works.

I (and the dogs) watched the debates too - 3 a.m. in France! Well I couldn't sleep so I watched. American politics have always fascinated me and this election is SO important for all of us, not just the USA.

Laurie said...

I like the way you edited this photo. It brings out the surreal and cartoon quality of this election.

piobaireachd said...

I'm proud to say I haven't watched any of the debates. I'm not going to vote for either of them anyway. You can always tell when a politician is lying. Their lips are moving.