Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saw This When Leaving the Bridge

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I had finished taking photos up on the Ballard Bridge and was walking back to my car parked near the Maritime Pacific Brewery when I passed this new offering that appears to be by Spacecraft. You may remember these I photographed in the same location last summer. Well, those old Obama posters on the pillars under the north end of the Ballard Bridge have been painted over in gray and this new giant sticker just went up (it is probably almost as tall as me). I think I'll call on Slightly North to curate this exhibit (I've already had a question about the familiar logo of the snow vehicle on the front of the costume).


Sally said...

Looks like he's getting ready to go to bed in his fluffy winter jarmies.
Sydney Daily Photo

Anonymous said...

I really liked this poster. It tells the story and must be a nightmare to some people. I like the idea and it made me smile as much as John McCain's head instead of Obamas would have made me smile too.

I am 74 years old -- today is my birthday.

Kim said...

Yes it does, Sally!

Yay Abe. Happy Birthday to you. Yesterday was mine. I also have a 4 at the end of my age this year ;^), but a few decades behind you.

Laurie said...

There is something very Animal Farm about this picture. I think both candidates and all of Congress should wear these outfits.

Then again, I'm pretty cynical about politics.

PJ said...

There's a lot of work here. I would faint if someone around here took the time to do so "installation art". We have a few subtle grafitti artists but not much else...and I can't be everywhere!