Thursday, December 04, 2008

Paintbox Sky

Photo & Text Copyright 2008 Seattle Daily Photo. All rights reserved, including reproduction or republishing.

Just had to show you this skyshow silhouette. Seattle's sunrises and sunsets are reason enough to visit, even in the colder months.


Tania said...

Ahh I agree. I've watched many myself (mostly sunsets). But you should really try to make it to AZ to see some spectacular ones. You won't believe your eyes!

Leave Your Mark Photography said...

Beautiful shot! I love the color. We have been having a lot of beautiful sunrises and sunsets lately in Seattle.

Amber said...

I am in love with this picture. And it totally matches my living room - I wish I had a bigger size so I could print it out and hang it up!

Kim said...

Glad you like the image. It takes lots of time, opportunity, and an investment in equipment to make and display the images. I'm always glad when folks enjoy them. One of the reasons photographers display low resolution or small views of their shots is precisely so people will not be tempted to make unauthorized prints or screen savers. ;^).