Sunday, January 25, 2009

Beading at Cafe Verite

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Cafe Verite / Cupcake Royale was closing, and as I exited I noticed the two women on the right had divided boxes of colorful beads they were stringing into jewelry together. This was the third time in a week I had noticed folks doing some communal activity at a tea or coffee house at night besides conversing over a hot cuppa something. What sorts of things have you seen people doing together in your local establishments?


brattcat said...

Love this photo.

Tania said...

Coffee makes winters in Seattle survivable! We get plenty of sun here and it's warm so there aren't many coffee shops here. I've actually cut down on that habit since I moved, now that I think about it! We use to study at the Starbucks across from SU. I've seen knitters, but I know the Stitch N Bitchers enjoy their bars better!

postie said...

Well alot of people in Europe and Asia have played games like Backgammon or chess. Now that sounds like a nice relaxing way to enjoy a coffee. a game of backgammon and a coffee, Anyone want to have a game. Ill buy the coffee.

Petrea said...

I'd join you if I was up north, Postie. It sounds good and I haven't played backgammon in ages. I was addicted to it in my college days and I still have my small, portable set.

Seems I missed you, Kim. I hope you got my email. Keep my number for next time!

Jilly said...

This is such a fascinating series, Kim. Almost closed, yet still these women work together.

I really can't think that I've seen people doing anything like this in local establishments. Such a nice idea tho. Rather as women in America used to (still do) get together and quilt.