Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Did She Wear Her Matching Coat on Purpose?

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A woman walks over the green-railed bridge, dedicated to Dr. Jose P. Rizal, which connects the International District to Beacon Hill. (You can peek through the railing here.) In the distance are the many hospital buildings on First Hill, also lovingly referred to as "Pill Hill."


brattcat said...

I love the echo of blue and orange in addition to the echo of green.

Jacob said...

Nice photo! I'm sure she did wear it on purpose. She got up and said she was going to walk the green-railed bridge, and got her green coat. Makes perfect sense. I think.

Virginia said...

You just have to love it when it happens for you !

Katie said...

I like how this woman looks like she's headed straight for the railing, as the railing curves off away from her. Will she look over, or veer off to the right. I do like the color of her jacket. Say, there's a Pill Hill in Oakland too!

Guy D said...

Visiting your blog never disappoints Kim, and this time was no exception. I love this shot.

Have great a day!
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Anonymous said...

Pill Hill is about as good as it gets to name an area. I like the green too and that red stripe on the shoes makes them unique to me. Nice photo.

Julie ScottsdaleDailyPhoto.com said...

the colors are great. the name Pill Hill is funny. great capture

Clueless in boston said...

I think that color green is what is being called this year "parrot green." I don't know who comes up with these insane names:) My wife has a hat and scarf that color. I particularly like the way you caught the curvature of the green railing, which draws the eye into the lower half of the picture.

cieldequimper said...

Excellent! ;-)

Kim said...

Thanks so much for your kind comments everyone! It amazes me the wonderful observations you make and I'm so glad an image catches your eye long enough for you to see something there. You guys are amazing.

I am super busy with work and school and family right now and haven't been able to visit around much, but I have been peeking at the portal and can't wait to get more chunks of time to visit around more. Sorry for my late in the day posting this week. . .ah life!

Just a word about this comment space and strangers with a marketing motive posting ad links for travel, caregiving, products and the like: I delete spam, so please don't bother to post any. I welcome anyone's visits and comments, but unrelated links are out of place here. Folks in the CDPB community are more than welcome to add links to their sites, let us all know about their photos, blogs, books, calendars, honors and publications, but it's just kind of tacky and impersonal when newbies come in with an vapid comment and post other types of ads and links here, especially when you have no interest at all in daily photoblogs, truth be told. This is a place for a community of friends to share about their cities and photos and chat about their lives and interact with each other. Let's keep it real. Thanks.

Bryan said...

When clicking the "peek through the rails" link, I received the following message (possibly you have a typo in "seattle" in this link):

Blog not found
Sorry, the blog you were looking for does not exist. However, the name moresettlestuff is available to register!

Thank you for the great photos.