Thursday, March 12, 2009

History In Relief

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My fellow Seattle photoblogger, Maya of One Day At A Time, featured several shots of the old Chamber of Commerce Building a few months ago. They really caught my eye. I had gone past the building dozens of times yet not "seen" it until her great captures brought it to life for me. Here is a detail of one of the high relief sculptures depicting Seattle's history. Native peoples of the Suquamish or Duamish tribes are featured in this arched scene along with a carved totem pole. More shots here.


brattcat said...

Really beautiful. Particularly the way the light falls on the figures.

Virginia said...

Interesting to see these figures in stone. Usually you think wood.

Your skyscrapers on yesterday's post are so striking. Love the POV you used on these.

Maya said...

Thanks for the shout out Kim! This is a great shot of those sculptures.

Jacob said...

Fascinating. Looks almost European...almost.