Friday, April 10, 2009


Musician's Bandelero

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There's a story behind that face, but we'll never know the details. This musician looking into the sun while waiting at a light on 3rd Avenue was heading for the transit tunnel. He spotted me for this split second, then looked away, crossed the street and passed me with the crowd heading for their buses. After I viewed the shot I noticed the system he's come up with for carrying his gear, a sort of bandolero formed by his case strap and his messenger bag strap. What would you imagine his story to be?


Bibi said...

Wonderful face. He's not a down-and-outer, judging by his clean jeans and top. If the lengthy shadows mean it's late afternoon, maybe he's headed somewhere to play during a Happy Hour, and perhaps on into the night.

Clueless in Boston said...

I think he is a tired looking Conservatory student faced with the prospect of upcoming exams, practice, a gig on Friday night and wondering how he's going to fit it all in; and his girlfriend is giving him hell for not spending enough time with her:)

Have a great weekend.

brattcat said...

I think he looks tired too. And perhaps a bit irritated with you for momentarily drawing his full attention away from whatever he's listening to through those earbuds. I'd love to see that face transformed by a smile, wouldn't you?

Virginia said...

Nice, nice street portrait here Kim. The shadows, the light make it so interesting. I'm not good at guessing but would like to know his story.

Kim said...

Bibi, Isn't it! Very expressive.

Clueless, LOL!! Bingo. That would be similar to my take on the story. I was thinking maybe a student at Cornish, but it is not near this area, so who knows.

Brattcat, I'd have to agree.

V, Thank you. And me, too.

FA said...

Something appears to be on his mind. Yet, he seems to be trying to shut it out - as he is trying to do with the world around him. Another great and thought provoking photo.

Columbia Lily said...

this is a really amazing shot. Well done, as always.

Babooshka said...

I'm struck by how world weary he is for someone so youthful. Odds on a student and if they are anything like the UK ones paying tuition fees and the mountains of debt they incur are never far from their mind. Excellent studious portrait. His face will stay with me for a long time.