Monday, April 20, 2009

Penseroso's Staircase

Penseroso's Staircase

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My Flickr friend, Penseroso (aka Ervin Vice), has made some incredible shots in this out of the way spot in the red lobby of Seattle City Hall, taking advantage of the reflection in the glass of the staircase. In fact, I think the image on his avatar was made within a few feet of where I stood for this. I didn't know where "here" was until I found myself at the bottom of these stairs and instantly recognized where I was in terms of his portfolio. I'd been in this red lobby many times before, but never off to this side. I liked the gray and red tones.


Virginia said...

Oh I am loving this shot Kim. The shadow on the wall is a winner as well. I think I'd be revisiting this spot at different times of day to see what else you can find. I'm with you, the gray/red thing is spot on!!

Miranda McAfee said...

Fantastic color. I love the red and like you said, it goes wonderfully with the gray. There are so many elements to this shot, so many things to see.

Marie-Noyale said...

All those verticals..paralells
and contrasting colors warm and sunny opposed to the cold concrete..
A winner for me!

Kim said...

V. That's a cool idea. I have been in this room at all times of day. This shot is late afternoon. Thanks a bunch.

Miranda, I see what you mean. There are so many planes going on. Thanks!

Thanks M-N. I hadn't noticed all the vertical and horizontal lines until you mentioned it. Sometimes I'm struck by something and just take the shot and don't really get what the elements are that pull the shot together for me. Will you be my blog curator? ;^)

Bibi said...

Agree that the reflections add to the shot. Very nice.

Maya said...

You astonish me once again. WoW!