Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring Commute

Spring Commute

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Cyclists are always out in numbers during rush hour, but the velocouture is changing with the season :-). Red espadrilles, brown leggings, black skirt with white lace, blue top, pinstripe blazer, red earphones,blue backpack, blue helmet, red flowers, and pink fenders were featured on the Seattle runway. I'm a bit late with today's post due to crazy busy workweek and a little under the weather. I did take the camera around on after work errands and enjoyed the bright late afternoon. Hope the sun also made your day bright.


Jérôme said...

What a runway outfit it is! Very good capture :)

Dan said...

what a stylish and attractive young lady! Great image Chuck!

Kim said...

Jerome, Thanks!

Dan, This is me, Kim. You'll find Chuck at HIS blog, One A Day Mostly Seattle. I wouldn't want Chuck to get in any hot water with his wife for taking street shots of velocouture as I frequently do ;^).

Kate said...

Wonderful capture. I bet she turned heads!!