Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Water Ring" Hatchcover

Seattle Sewer Hatchcover

Photo & Text Copyright 2009 Seattle Daily Photo. All rights reserved, including reproduction or republishing.

In Jersey some unfortunates may sleep with the fishes, while here in Seattle we apparently swim with them :-). More "art underfoot" as we continue to look downward. I spotted this sewer hatchcover on a Pioneer Square neighborhood sidewalk. Seattle has some wonderful "art underfoot" in its commissioned utility hatchcovers. This one features a whale, dolphins, salmon, and swimmers all carried along on a circular wave (yes I know three out of four are mamals while only the salmon are fish). I've shown you several other interesting hatchcover designs in the past, and this is among my top three faves. Seattle Public Utilities has this to say about the design: "Artist Betsy Best-Spadaro’s cast iron hatchcovers for drainage and wastewater are located around downtown and outlying neighborhoods and portray several themes: the interaction between human and marine life, and the water cycle. The first is shown through images of marine animals correlated to bodies of water in the region, including orcas (the Puget Sound) and salmon (streams and rivers); within this design humans swimming with the marine life illustrate the need for good water quality, a responsibility of Seattle Public Utilities’ drainage and wastewater infrastructure. Surrounding these images are a series of rings that describe the water cycle, from rain to bodies of water culminating in a center ring that depicts clean water returning to the waterways through sewers and drainage systems."


Steffe said...

That's great. They don't look like that over here. I took a similar photo on the new motorway recently but it was to boring to show anyone!

Kim said...

That's why I'm posting these in a short series. . .get all the boring over in one short and sweet shot :-). I would love to see what you captured on the motorway. Do you know some people go all around the world just to see hatchcovers of all kinds? Interesting hobby!

Small City Scenes said...

very cool. Naturally there would be a fish theme in Washington.
At the Everett train station If I remember correctly there are ship tiles on the floor. MB