Sunday, June 07, 2009

Ready For Take Off


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A Kenmore Air float plane readies for a take off from the south end of Lake Union, just in front of the old Naval Reserve building. I had assumed the Museum of History and Industry was going to make this its new home by now, but apparently not yet. Just behind the building it looks like phase two of building Lake Union Park is in full swing. Straight ahead beyond the boats in the marina, on the far side of Fairview Ave you can see the world renown "Hutch" where so much great cancer research goes on.


brattcat said...

And in the distant background are some incredible mountains! Right? That is what I'm seeing...

Michelle Johnson said...

Such vivid shots of your city. I am astounded at how blue the water is in this picture.

Kim said...

Yes Brattcat, those are the Cascades.
And thank you, Michelle. The waters of Lake Union at this time of day on a sunny day are so beautifully blue.