Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Skipper Will Not Be Pleased

The Skipper Will Not Be Pleased

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. . .when he or she learns someone has left a fender dangling while underway. :-) I believe this lovely vintage pleasure boat passing under the University Bridge is a 1950s Chris-Craft Flying Bridge Cruiser. Vintage wooden boats are a passion for many Seattlites, and it is fun to see so many great old boats with lovely lines so well taken care of and well used. If you come to Seattle this summer, you've got to get out on the water on one of the lakes or on Puget Sound to really experience what is a way of life for so many here. You can find some inexpensive resources to do that at this link and this one.

Sorry for the delayed posts. No internet access for a couple days, and just got the replacement DSL modem up and running. Thanks to those who contacted me with their concern.


Michelle Johnson said...

Yes, I'm sure they won't be happy but, the boat is beautiful.

Karen/Svenska Studios said...

Kim: You are so right! Very sloppy crew work. As you know I come from a sailing family and I can't think of anything besides basic safety that was so imprinted on my mind of what NOT to do! Once again, you have an eye for the less than obvious of what makes a shot great (wonderful light too)!
Karen/Svenska Studios

Johnston said...

She's a beauty!

Does kinda look like the Minnow! SKIPPER!

Kate said...

Despite that, everyone certainly looks happy!!

brattcat said...

Ah, it looks like a lovely day out on the water. Hope it's not ruined when the discovery is made.