Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Too Much Is Enough

Too Much Is Enough

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"Quo Amplius Eo Amplius Est! " A very rough translation of the motto carved around the tourret of this 1906 ultra detailed home on Queen Anne Hill might read Where Excess Marches On There is Enough, but don't quote me. :-) This is the most elaborately detailed house I've ever seen. There is nothing I've seen to rival it on the west coast, even among San Francisco's grand painted ladies. Everywhere you look there is some pattern, color, whimsically crafted detail. It is amazing and fun. I came across it by chance out photowalking the QA neighborhood on a gray day, and came back when it was sunny. Lots more detail shots at More Seattle Stuff.


Bibi said...

I actually like this....! I want to see it with my own eyes! Show me, show me!

brattcat said...

It looks like the inside of a wonderfully fertile, playful mind.

Michelle Johnson said...

Very ornate and colorful house/ structure. It' beautiful. The colors alone capture one's attention, don't they? Have a great day.

Steffe said...

It would be great to find out more about this place. Knock on the door next time, I'm sure they will give you a tour!

alice said...

I really would want to know who lives there! So many details... The colors are amazing too but i like the whole!

Coşkun said...

Hi Kim,
This house is fantastic looks like from fable.
Thanks for sharing nice photo.

Kim said...

It's a date, Bibi!

The neighbor told me there is an "opium den" with painted murals in the turret! That may be where the fertile mind comes from ;^).

Michelle, Thanks a bunch. And yes, those colors caught my eye a block away!

Okay, Steffe, but I will only knock on the door if you'll come with me. So, let me know when your flight out of Stockhom arrives (direct flight via SAS now) and I will pick you up at the airport and we'll go over there together for that tour. :-)

This place is SO spectacular, Alice, that I'm sure there must be documentation about it somewhere. . .it's just not readily obvious on the web. I'll need to start asking around. It really DOES work as a whole, and that's the amazing thing about all the varying elements, how they work together without vying for equal attention. Artfully and thoughtfully done.

Thank you, Coskin. Yes, I think you are right. Wouldn't it be nice to know more of the story!


SD at "Addicted to The Click" said...

Great click!

Shell Sherree said...

Well.... I couldn't live in it myself, but I think it would always bring a happy smile to my face if I lived near it! Thank heavens for those who are bold enough to create things like this. Very joyful.

Kim said...

Whomever does the artfully detailed work on this not only has a joyfulness about them, they do each thing to perfection and maintain it. I wish everyone in the world had the unlimited funds to express themselves so freely and artfully through their surroundings. Just a simple coat of paint and a plain shingled roof on my home this year is very expensive. . .I can't imagine the investment in money and time this baby takes.

Small City Scenes said...

I love it!! MB