Saturday, July 04, 2009

4th of July Sky

4th of July Sky

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It is Independence Day in the States, a summer holiday much celebrated with neighbor and family gatherings, cookouts, fireworks displays, and remembrances of a great nation's birth and a people's costly struggle for freedom. Before the dark fell and the fireworks above Lake Union began, we were treated to a warm sunset full of pink clouds and fiery glow on a perfect summer evening. Happy Birthday, America!


Elizabeth Bradley said...

That's a shot worthy of a coffee table book!

Columbia Lily said...

I like how the flag is almost, but not quite, invisible.

Kim said...

Thanks EB, it was quite a sky!

CL, fabulous prizes for being the only one to notice! :-)


brattcat said...

I agree with CL. That flag really transforms this shot into something extraordinary.