Thursday, September 17, 2009

Les Seattlennes Evening Edition

Les Seattlennes Evening Edition

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I love observing fashionable folks out and about in Seattle. I've shown you Les Seattlennes Weekend Edition, Weekday Edition, and here is an Evening Edition. These two young women were just leaving a special occasion at a restaurant along the waterfront and waiting for the light to change when I noticed their darling outfits and snapped this candid. I happen to really love fabric, so seeing two interpretations at one time of this summer's fashionable black and white print dress and accessories was fun.

When I took this shot earlier in the summer, the woman on the left's hair style reminded me of a young Mary Travers from the cover of a 60s Peter, Paul, & Mary LP my mom had. When i posted yesterday's shot with the title of a song I learned from that very album, I had no idea that Mary Travers, now age 72, was leaving this life. Her passing Wednesday is very sad, and I'm thankful for the musical gifts she shared and the commitment she and her partners, Peter Yarrow and Noel Paul Stookey, showed to social justice throughout their years performing together and separately.


Virginia said...

Awww, I didn't hear about Mary Travers. I'm just going to sit here and hum a little Puff the Magic Dragon!
Nice shot. I like those cute dresses too. I have a pillow in my guest bedroom very much like them! :)

jerrypuke said...

cool blog- There's something about this city... I've planned to go at least ten times but in every case (and for some mysterious reason) something happens and i'm never able to make it. Who knows in my next trip to the states. Good news is I can enjoy your pictures in the meantime.

brattcat said...

Great shot. Lovely girls. Fine threads. And yes, that hair does make her look like a young Mary Travers from behind. Amazing story about posting it as Mary was transitioning from this world.